Example trade eToro

Why Etoro?

-Super easy to use

-400:1 max leverage

-Possibility to copy trades from successful traders for free.

How to make my first trade with etoro??

1.Register with e-toro.

You may open a real or free demo account. Clicking any of the pictures of this site will move you straight to etoro.


2.Choose to trade with currencies.

  1. Click from left column “Trade markets”
  2. Choose “currencies” from top of the page.



  1.  Find a currency pair to trade with.
  2. Below the chart there is a banner that shows what other traders are doing (green buying, red selling).
  3. Click the name of the currency pair to see more details.3tiedot


4. This window will open.

E-Toro is a social trading platform (you may even copy trades from successful traders if you don´t want to trade yourself) and here are the latest comments about chosen currency pair. Click “chart” to open, surprise surprise, the chart.


5. Click “trade” to see current prices and add conditions to trade.


  1. From top of the page you may choose time frame you want one candle to show.
  2. By pressing arrow button on the right corner you can go back to previous view.
  3. On the top of the page, you see two letters (S to sell and B to buy). Click one of them when you are ready to make a trade.


5.When you think you know where price is going, open a trade.

  1. Set amount to trade with. This shows how much money you need to have on your account.
  2. Set StopLoss. (closes trade if your prediction was wrong)
  3. Set leverage you wish to use.(How much money you want to be traded on market)
  4. Set target (profit)
  5. Open trade5tee kauppa

6.Wait, until you see if currency price goes to your favor.

Take profit or loss and start to look for a new trading opportunity.


I recommend that after making a trade, close computer and do something else than watch the chart. People usually tend to close trades too quickly ending up wit smaller profits or bigger loss if they keep on staring the screen.



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